Tim Hortons Corporate Merchandise

Tim Hortons had a tradition with owners of Tim Hortons restaurants: Once a year, before Christmas, they could place a large, bulk order for any logo’d merchandise they wanted.  However, the project was difficult to manage, the sheer volume of orders was overwhelming, and they lacked the infrastructure to manage this project.  After all, their focus is coffee and donuts, not t-shirts and notebooks.

We provided a solution:  move the entire ordering system to an online portal.  This would allow year round ordering, traceable data, and a database that could be mined for any reports and stats they could ever wish for.

Along with this solution, we found ways to streamline their operations in regards to corporate merchandise:

  • We built communication structures between their SAP (internal ordering) system and our website, allowing them to automatically bill their restaurants though and already accepted and used process.
  • We import a list of stores every night so that when a new restaurant owner buys a location, the very next day, they have access to products.  Likewise, when an owner sells or closes a location, they are locked out of the system, closing any potential loopholes.
  • We integrate directly with Tim Horton’s billing processes so that invoicing and payments between the supplier of the goods and Tim Hortons corporate are an automated.

Since we initially launched, we have facilitated over 6000 orders for restaurant owners and nearly 2 million dollars in sales and are able to supply Tim Hortons with statistics concerning their stores that they would not otherwise be able to generate.

In the last 3 years, we have also facilitated, through the same portal, the Platinum Awards program.  This is an award that is given to restaurants that meet certain sales figures.  Using many of the same processes, we have been able to offer special, limited time products to Platinum Award winners, each year integrating with a new supplier, depending on which items were selected as an award, and facilitating their order processing.