Kelvin Card sells a series of multitools.  They’re designed to be a toolbox that you can fit in your kitchen drawer: Screwdriver, hammer, flashlight, measuring tape, utility knife and more, all packaged up into a single unit.  The kelvin multitools sell all over the world, so they needed a site that would work in multiple currencies, […]


Niagara Basketball Academy

Niagara Basketball Academy Card

The Niagara Girls Basketball Academy (NGBA) is one of the best basketball development programs in Ontario and provides girls with the best opportunities to meet their basketball goals.  If you have the passion to play, we have the passion to teach. This WordPress site was built to take online registrations for The Niagara Basketball Academy, […]


Free Spirit Candles


Free Spirit Candles produces a variety of size candles made from 100% pure beeswax. The wax is collected from several apiaries across Canada and then filtered three times in order to remove all impurities.  To maintain it’s integrity, the wax is heated slowly in small batches. – from the home page 5 years ago we built a site for Free Spirit […]


Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation


This new Foundation was formed due to Don’s vision of wanting to do more for those people who have dedicated their lives to make Canada a more humane place for animals. This Foundation will be granting funds to qualified recipients. This money will come from people like you, with Don leading the way. – from […]




Paketo (formerly known as “Brand A”) is a branding & packaging design company in Canada.  Their clients include such names as Planters, Kirkland, Simply Pets, Simply Kids and other well known brands. After helping many other companies to rebrand, they decided to do it themselves.  Part of the process was to create a new website […]