Callaway Golf College

Callaway Golf had an obstacle to overcome: the sales people talking to their end users weren’t employees of Callaway.  They were the employees of small shops of golf courses, or larger sports retail stores.  They wanted a way to reach down their their sales pipeline to train and give incentives to the part time student working at the golf pro shop.

So, collectively, we came up with the idea of Callaway Golf College.  Each distributor was given an access code to allow their employees to login.  The employees would be given a quiz on Callaway Gold products.  If they got the question correct, they moved on.  If they did not, they were given a link where they could read up on the subject matter and retry the question once more.  After all, the ultimate purpose was to educate the employee.  Each month a new quiz would be available.  After attaining 80% on a series of quizzes, the employee would be entitled to a gift, with the value of the gifts increasing with each successive series of quizzes.

This was a completely custom build, with a lot of attention devoted to stopping would be cheaters.  We wrote algorithms specifically designed to catch duplicate users who may be trying to game the system, and made sure that quiz questions could not be attempted more than twice.