Buckley MMA

Buckley MMA is a gym which strives to give a place for people to train in Martial Arts without having to hold to 2000 year old traditions of how a dojo should be run.  While it still incorporates those traditions with have a functional purpose, it drops those that served some cultural purpose long forgotten, allowing Martial Arts to be more accessible to those wanting to try out Mixed Martial Arts without having to learn how to bow exactly right.

Our involvement with Buckley MMA started simple: redesign the website.  They wanted something edgy, but professional.

Phase two included an E-Commerce platform that allowed them to sell equipment and clothing, as well as memberships.

Phrase three expanded the project to create a web-based membership management program that would track each members activity, membership, sessions left, gradings, insurance and a host of other things, while also integrating an automated billing system.  It also gave access to parents to track tax receipts for sports activities.

You can checkout Buckley MMA here.