Paketo (formerly known as “Brand A”) is a branding & packaging design company in Canada.  Their clients include such names as Planters, Kirkland, Simply Pets, Simply Kids and other well known brands.

After helping many other companies to rebrand, they decided to do it themselves.  Part of the process was to create a new website that could showcase their work to potential clients.  Paketo supplied their own design, being experts in design and branding, and contracted Digital Blacksmiths to provide the technical skills needed to launch a website.

They wanted a website they could update themselves without having a hire out a programmer for every small change.  From the beginning we knew that WordPress was the correct platform for them.  We designed a custom theme for their WordPress site, installed it and worked with them to create a framework, based on preexisting WordPress elements to allow for an easy to maintain, but powerful website.

You can visit Paketo’s new site at